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With More Features Than Any Other Digital Business Cards

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Exchange contacts digitally

Create a free Zapkad account to easily share your business card via WhatsApp, Radar, QR, Near-field communication (NFC) and more.

Your digital business card can be stored in a personal Zapkad NFC sticker or keyfob and contactlessly read by a smartphone. Prospects can instantly save your number to their phones without typing, improving the chances of a callback.

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Access your business cards anytime, anywhere

Organise your paper business cards by scanning them to Zapkad. Images and information are efficiently captured using Optical Character Recognition technology and stored in your phone & our secured cloud server 24/7.

Stay on top of latest news and trends

Subscribe to over 100 global publications & thought leadership articles in just a few clicks and receive daily breaking news across diverse topics.

Zapkad also facilitates conversations by featuring articles that your contacts may be interested to talk about.

Intuitive interface to improve productivity

Simply click to call, Whatsapp or email any contacts. Create groups by family, colleagues, clients, etc to send email and calendar invitations to multiple contacts quickly.

Save your Planet

6 million trees are chopped down each year to produce 100 billion business cards and 90% of business cards handed out are thrown in less than a week.

Time To Go Paperless.