About Zapkad

Zapkad is set to be the first tech startup to successfully disrupt the centuries-old paper business card industry. Yet, we are not just a digital business card.

With unlimited cloud storage, OCR scanning, built-in CRM, customised newsfeeds and our patent-pending card exchange platform, Zapkad is primed to spearhead online business networking in today’s environment where governments and corporations worldwide are focusing on climate change and social distancing.

Our Culture

Fun - We want to create an environment that is fun for people to work in. We believe happy employees are healthier, more productive and more creative.

Innovation – Continuously think of new ideas, whether it is a product, service or process improvement. Start every idea with positivity and if it doesn’t work, move on to the next idea.

Respect – For customers and for colleagues, not judging by wealth or ranks. Every person deserves the same level of respect. Let’s not treat someone differently just because the person has a higher rank or is less well-off.

Sustainability – Our vision is to save the environment by eliminating paper business cards and it also applies to the way we work. We offer great flexibility for employees to work from home, reducing commuting and lowering carbon footprint.

Teamwork – Effective collaboration is critical to our success when we work from home. Employees are trained to use collaboration tools to ensure we communicate, innovate, learn and operate as one fun team.

Our Team

Ryan Tan

CEO and Founder

an ex-banker, Ryan worked for DBS, HSBC and The Nielsen Company before founding Zapkad. He was responsible for forging strategic partnerships in DBS and was head of consumer insights and marketing planning in HSBC. He began his career in The Nielsen Company where he advised MNCs on their sales and distribution strategies in Asia Pacific.

Consortio Services

Strategic Partner

exclusive distributor and customer engagement provider for Zapkad. As a leading provider of premium lifestyle and customer engagement services for high networth clients in Asia, Consortio ensures Zapkad members receive exceptional customer service catered for the affluent.

Join Us

We're looking for like-minded people who share our vision of disrupting the centuries-old business card practice. If you have a brilliant idea to accelerate our pace, send your resume to ryan@zapkad.com.


kt cevamail

Wonderful!!! Great app!! Most importantly, it's user friendly, especially during this pandemic period, we don't need to exchange name cards physically! Save the trees, save the Earth!!


Super user friendly! App is smart enough to detect the edges of business cards and automatically crops out any unwanted backgrounds. I wouldn’t need to exchange all the business cards now and after that to be kept in the drawer!

Marcus Tang

Very comprehensive. Combines all the necessary useful elements into one app. Good potential.

Thomas Capone, CEO NYDLA, New York

You should also get Zapkad. It's free, just like Zoom Basic. I did, I use it in all of my Zoom meetings, and it is a game-changer for me. When we go back to LIVE meetings, or hybrid meetings, I'll keep using Zapkad.