Card image Personal digital business card

Personalised card with unlimited space to promote yourself

Multiple ways to exchange business cards digitally without physical contact (social distancing!)

Card image Unlimited scanning

Unlimited Optical Character Recognition and QR code scanning to automatically convert information from paper business cards to your mobile phone

Card image Synchronise contacts & notes

Login from any device and never lose your contacts

Share contacts and exchanges notes with colleagues

Stay updated on your contacts’ job changes

Card image Newsfeeds from top publications

Customised daily news and thought leadership articles from top global publications

Latest articles that your contacts may be interested in

Card image Integrated with other tools

Email or send calendar invitation to multiple people directly from Zapkad

WhatsApp and call your contact directly from Zapkad

Card image Coming soon

Virtual personal secretary

Integrated with CRM systems

Why your company should use Zapkad

  • Improve sales

    Zapkad empowers your sales staff with latest industry news and generate articles that may be of interest to their potential customers.

    To improve cross-sell, Zapkad allows your employees to share sales leads and exchange meeting notes. We will be integrating Zapkad with major CRM systems by early 2021.

  • Improve productivity

    Our OCR software automatically convert information from paper business cards to mobile phones and all the contacts are safely stored on a secured AWS cloud server.

    Your staff can easily send emails and event invitations to multiple groups directly from their contact books.

  • Reduce cost

    By digitising your business cards, your company will eliminate the cost of printing and delivering paper business cards.

  • Maintain corporate identity

    Your digital business card will have the same design as your company’s paper business card.

    Staff can either upload their own cards individually or we can digitise your entire company’s cards in bulk.

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