1. Click MY PROFILE icon on the top right of homepage
2. Click view more

There are 2 methods to customise your newsfeeds.
Method 1: Select categories and publications from mainstream newspapers, thought leaders and interest groups
i. Click MENU button on the top left of homepage
ii. Click Settings
iii. Click Edit on the top right of Feed Setting bar
iv. Click on the categories you would like to subscribe to and the respective publications will appear below.
v. Unselect publications that you would not like to subscribe to and click Save


Method 2: Add specific keywords of interest

i. Click MY PROFILE icon on the top right of homepage and click EDIT on the top right
ii. Scroll to My Interests and click to edit
iii. Type any keyword into the top field and click Done on your keyboard
iv. Select the interest groups you will like to appear in newsfeed and click Done on the top right
v. Scroll to bottom of EDIT PROFILE page and click SAVE


Groups allow you to easily send emails and calendar invitations to a team or clients that you correspond with frequently. To create a new group,

1. Select the contacts by clicking the buttons on the left
2. Click on the first icon at the top of your contact list
3. Name your group
4. Refresh the page and the new group will appear on the last tab
Once the group is created, you can click SELECT ALL to email or send calendar invitations to everyone in the same group.
To add a new group member or delete a group, click on the third icon at the top of the group list.

1. Select the contacts by clicking the buttons on the left
2. Click on the calendar or email icon at the top of your contact list

Great conversation starters under your contact’s profile will only appear if
1) Your contact has indicated his Interests on his Profile Page.
2) News about his current Company were reported in our publications in the last 2 days.

Please check if the activation email was accidentally been sent to your Spam folder. Otherwise, please contact us at info@zapkad.com so we can investigate the issue.

The data protection provisions in the Singapore PDPA generally do not apply to business contact information. This refers to an individual’s name, position name or title, business telephone number, business address, business electronic mail address or business fax number and any other similar information about the individual, not provided by the individual solely for his or her personal purposes.

Your Zapkad contacts will not be able to see the business cards you have uploaded unless you share it with them. They can only see names, company names and designations of your network. Emails and phone numbers will not be visible.
Please read our privacy policy for more information.

Our OCR can currently scan the following languages. We will be adding more languages in future versions.
1. English
2. Chinese (Simplified)
3. Chinese (Traditional)
4. Arabic
5. French
6. German
7. Hindi
8. Italian
9. Japanese
10. Korean
11. Portuguese
12. Spanish

Accuracy will depend on the photo quality and capture conditions, so please try to capture the card where there is ample light. As there are endless possibilities for business card designs and font types, there is currently no OCR solution that is 100% accurate. Zapkad leverages the OCR solution from a global technology firm that specialises in intelligent document processing and we will constantly enhance our solution to improve its accuracy over time. Interestingly, if we successfully convince everyone to stop printing paper cards, OCR scan will no longer be needed!
You may export your contacts from other applications to an Excel file and import the Excel information into Zapkad. Click MENU button on the top left of homepage, select Import Contacts and follow the instructions given.
There is no need for you to transfer them to a new phone. Simply download Zapkad app to your new phone and you will have access to all your cards and Zapkad contacts when you login to your Zapkad account.